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Important NoticeAs from March 22, 2021, Headquarters relocated to Kioicho, Tokyo, as “INFORT Patent Firm - Kioicho Office”

Important NoticeAs from July 1, 2020, Matsuoka & Co. will assume the name “INFORT Patent Firm - Tama Office”

"VALUE" Co-Creation that Creates
“VALUE” for the Future.

Today, where typically about 80% of company value consists of intangible assets, intellectual property constitutes a monetizable intangible asset which, if utilized effectively, can increase the ‘tangible’ value of your company (or business). However, it is a challenging problem for companies to effectively create intellectual property having this kind of ‘tangible’ value. At INFORT, by drawing upon our wealth of IP expertise, we can provide solid support for our clients to help create intellectual property that possesses ‘tangible’ value to their company.

  • We provide backup for portfolio construction of profit-earning patents.

  • We have a wealth of experience in the acquisition of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs).

  • We have an effective support system for IP utilization.

Hiroyoshi AOKI

Always Conscious of the Client’s Intellectual Property Creation & Utilization Needs

The environment surrounding companies receiving services from intellectual property (IP) firms varies greatly. The external environment surrounding companies varies depending on, e.g., the product produced, the distribution route, and market presence, etc. In addition, the internal environment within companies also differs greatly depending on, e.g., whether they have an IP Department, and on the organizational structure of the company, etc.

We are fully committed to understanding the needs of each individual client during the process of IP creation in response to their particular environment. We are also fully committed to supporting our clients during the process of IP creation with respect to both prosecution practice and management practice.



Intellectual Property Creation

In recent years, companies have been promoting their businesses via the acquisition of intellectual property (IP) and also by effectively utilizing their IP. When considering the effective utilization of IP, we believe it is important to not only advance IP prosecution from simply a technical point of view, but also from a business-oriented point of view. At INFORT, we recognize IP as a business asset, aiming to achieve intellectual property rights (IPRs) while considering the business-oriented aspect, resulting in creation of IPRs that promote the client’s business.
Specialist Hiroaki SUGATA

Hiroaki SUGATA

Specialized Field(s)
information processing
computer hardware

In patent applications directed to multifaceted and complex information technologies, we believe it is extremely important to sufficiently consider the background of the invention and to establish a clear perspective of the invention. We are always aware of the importance of turning theories of inventive ideas into reality, and acquiring patent rights that encompass a wide range of businesses.

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Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)

A standard essential patent (SEP) is a patent whose invention is included in the specification of a technical standard and therefore cannot be avoided by the competition when manufacturing, selling or providing services which comply with the technical standard. In other words, a SEP is a patent of an invention that must be implemented when technology specified in the standard is utilized to develop a business. Following economic globalization, SEPs have a large impact on businesses to which an international standard is established. We at INFORT have abundant experience in the prosecution of SEPs and are well qualified to provide support for the creation of effective SEPs.
Specialist Yoshitaka MORIYA

Yoshitaka MORIYA

Specialized Field(s)
display devices
wireless communication

Patents involving standardization technology, i.e., standard essential patents (SEPs), demand fast action at the time of filing, and at the prosecution stage it is necessary to prosecute such patents (SEPs) so that they do not deviate from the specified standard. At INFORT, with our highly motivated team of skilled experts, we experience daily satisfaction in providing reliable, high-quality service in dealing with SEPs.

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IPR Utilization

At INFORT, our patent attorneys, who have a wealth of experience spanning over more than 15 years dealing with an extensive amount of cases for large and small companies, both domestically and abroad, are ready and qualified to help our clients to utilize their intellectual property rights (IPRs). Furthermore, our patent attorneys specializing in IPR acquisition and our patent attorneys specializing in IPR utilization combine as a team to support our clients to obtain and utilize their IPRs effectively. Hence, we can provide support from the early stages of R & D activities through to the IPR acquisition stage, and onto the effective utilization of the IPR.
Specialist Nobuaki KIMURA

Nobuaki KIMURA

Specialized Field(s)
organic materials

In the same way that business strategies differ in accordance with the developmental stage, market size and future business plans, IP strategies also differ. IP strategies can differ according to the client’s circumstances; spanning from a defensive strategy, licensing out, or to a more aggressive approach that is prepared for disputes. We can provide you with appropriate advice based on many of our past achievements in dealing with licensing and disputes.

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English Specification preparation according to PATOP (Preparation of Application Documents Treating Original Specification as Written Proposal of Invention)

At INFORT, in accordance with our clients’ request, we do not prepare an English specification by merely translating the Japanese specification. Rather, we review the (priority/original) Japanese specification, grasp the technical concept of “the invention” in addition to understanding the specific technology, reconstruct the disclosure in accordance with the rules of the countries to which the application is be filed while expressing this information in appropriate English. At INFORT, we refer to such a method as PATOP (Preparation of Application Documents Treating Original Specification as Written Proposal of Invention). We take pride in this ‘top class’(TOP) method within the patent field (PAT).


Specialized Field(s)

Recently, there has been a notable improvement in the performance of machine translation engines, such that it has become possible to produce a translation having a level of accuracy that cannot be compared to translation engines of a few years ago. This is said to be largely due to the employment of deep thinking-based engines as translation engines. In accordance with advancements in technology, the line drawn between a translated result based on human “understanding” and a translated result based on deep thinking which utilizes “a large amount of data processes” may become extremely blurred. However, since currently we are regarded as being a long way off in the future from the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of AI translation achieving true “understanding”, we can confidently assert: “AI translation could never achieve our PATOP method of preparing specifications of foreign applications”.

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“English Specification preparation
according to PATOP
(Preparation of Application Documents
Treating Original Specification
as Written Proposal of Invention)”