Intellectual Property Analysis

Since companies need much money and many human resources for patents related activities from patent applications to issuing and maintaining the patents, the inventions filed as patent applications should be as important as the company spends such resources. Besides, the patent law requires that patent specifications shall be as detailed as persons skilled in the art can understand the technical contents of the invention. Thus, the patent specifications are important information resources in which companies’ important technical information were recorded in understandable forms. However, since hundred thousands of patent applications are filed in Japan in a year, it is necessary to narrow a huge number of patent applications down to the number of these we can utilize effectively.
INFORT will support the client in utilizing patent information for several purposes such as to know technology trends, to know competitors’ situation, and to search for important patents.
Further, as support for especially researchers and developers, INFORT helps them to utilize patent information effectively as a resource of technical information by cooperating with Innovation Research Corporation.

Administration of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

In order to obtain IPRs promoting the business, the support in procedures or administrations is important as well as support in substantial matters.
Since intellectual property-related laws and rules are revised frequently and these laws and rules vary between countries, the procedural deadlines and necessary documents differ between countries even for the same procedure.
INFORT’s members, having accurate knowledge in these procedures of each country, will support companies in obtaining IPRs from the aspect of procedure by predicting necessary procedures and documents in advance and taking the proceedings properly and effectively.
Various companies, such as large companies having organized intellectual property division or small and medium-sized companies having no intellectual property division, own and administrate IPRs. Further, each company has its own intellectual property strategy and administrating form. We will support companies in obtaining IPRs from the aspect of administration of IPRs by considering what is the most suitable administration for each company and varying administrating methods flexibly for each company.
For example, for companies having intellectual property division, we will grasp their form, area and method of administration on the basis of the companies’ intellectual property strategy and will conduct considerate administration for the main area and complimentary administration for other area.
Further, for companies having no intellectual property division or having no full-time IP person, we will totally administrate the companies’ intellectual property instead of companies’ intellectual property division or IP persons. And we will increase opportunities communicating procedural deadline to conduct gradual deadline administration, and will communicate and explain the various procedures by using plain words and tables to make the companies understand the procedures enough.

Liaison Support

INFORT has many patent attorneys who have experience working in intellectual property (IP) divisions of companies, and these patent attorneys support IP divisions of clients.
It takes long time for companies to educate an employee to be an IP person.
In case a company needs a skilled IP person instantly, INFORT can send such patent attorney to the company immediately.
Specifically, INFORT supplies a support in prompt obtaining patent rights which are effectively usable for the business of the company and a support in administrating patent applications with a few human resources. Thereby, the company can establish an effective patent portfolio without spending large cost.
INFORT has supplied this liaison support to various companies and this support has a good reputation from these companies.

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