“INFORT” is a coined word of a combination of “IN” from “Intellectual property” and “FORT”, and signifies the “protection of intellectual property rights of our clients”.

The red sphere at the center of the logo represents service satisfaction (peace of mind, reliability and stability). This sphere is further surrounded by two rings (circles).

One of the rings represents a profit creation cycle generated by the intellectual property of the client, and the other ring represents the cooperation between the company’s intellectual property department, the inventors and the patent attorneys involved in the creation of intellectual property.

These two rings are endlessly connected circles. We at INFORT PATENT FIRM are always conscious of these two rings, and we are always mindful of being able to provide service satisfaction for our clients.

Service Policy

To be Always Conscious of Client Requirements in the Process of Intellectual Property Creation

Environments surrounding companies obtaining services of the Patent Office vary between companies depending on, for example, the product that the company produces, the route the company uses to sell their products, and the presence the company has in the market, etc.

Furthermore, the internal environments of companies also differ depending on, for example, whether or not they have an intellectual property department, etc.

We are committed to understanding the needs of each of our clients in the process of intellectual property creation in response to the different environments of our clients, and to support the intellectual property creation with respect to both patent right practice and management practice.

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